Whatever satisfies the soul is truth.
— Walt Whitman

Welcome to 108 Yoga

Building present moment awareness and self confidence through yoga.


"Tanja's yoga class brought me back. I had recently been separated from my husband as well as moved back in with my parents. I felt at loss not knowing where I was or even who I was. I heard about Tanja's class at the barn from a friend. I found out that it was right down the street from me, how convenient. The first time I went there I knew I had found a healing place. Tanja's presence and how she conducted her class was the perfect fit for me. I was able to work through the pain during class and eventually heal. I followed Tanja to her own studio in Perry Hall and continued to attend her classes in Middle River. She is an excellent teacher with a gentle manner. I would highly recommend taking her class. She has been an huge asset to my overall health and well being." Terry M.