108 •

a sacred number in yoga

Which meaning best describes you?

the astronomer:  The diameter of the Sun is 108 times the diameter of the Earth. The distance from the Sun to the Earth is 108 times the diameter of the Sun. The average distance of the Moon from the Earth is 108 times the diameter of the Moon.

the flower child:  The chakras are the intersections of energy lines, and there are said to be a total of 108 energy lines converging to form the heart chakra. One of them, sushumna leads to the crown chakra, and is said to be the path to Self-realization.

the intellectual:  Powers of 1, 2, and 3 in math: 1 to 1st power=1; 2 to 2nd power=4 (2×2); 3 to 3rd power=27 (3x3x3). 1x4x27=108 108 is a Harshad number, which is an integer divisible by the sum of its digits (Harshad is from Sanskrit, and means “great joy”)

the spiritualist:  9 times 12: Both of these numbers have been said to have spiritual significance in many traditions. 9 times 12 is 108. Also, 1 plus 8 equals 9. That 9 times 12 equals 108. 1, 0, and 8: Some say that 1 stands for God or higher Truth, 0 stands for emptiness or completeness in spiritual practice, and 8 stands for infinity or eternity.

the yogi:  There are 54 letters in Sanskrit, each can be mentioned as masculine (Shiva) and feminine (Shakti) aspect, totaling 108.


Mala Beads

There are 108 beads on a mala and they are used to count mantras. You start with your hand at the center bead (Guru knot) and as each bead slips across the finger you say a mantra, 100 times for yourself and 8 times as an offering to someone else.



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